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By on June 04,2007

A Glimpse of Muslim Spain

imageWhen you think of European culture, one of the first things that may come to your mind is the renaissance.  Many of the roots of European culture can be traced back to that glorious time of art, science, commerce and ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

Islam in China (part 1 of 2)

imageThe ‘Great Mosque of Guangzhou’ is also known as Huaisheng Mosque which means ‘Remember the Sage’ (A Memorial Mosque to the Prophet) and is also popularly called the ‘Guangta Mosque’ which translates as ‘The Beacon Tower Mosque’.  Huaisheng Mosque is ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

Islam in China (part 2 of 2)

imageSad and his deputation brought presents and were warmly received at the royal court by the T’ang Emperor Kao-tsung, (r. 650-683) in c.651 CE, despite a recent plea of support against the Arabs forwarded to the Emperor in that same ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Family in Islam (part 1 of 3): The Appeal of Islamic Family Life

imageIn Islam, considering the well-being of the “other” instead of just the “self” is a virtue so rooted in the religion that it is evident even to those outside it.  The British humanitarian and civil rights lawyer, Clive Stafford-Smith, a ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Family in Islam (part 2 of 3): Marriage

imageMarriage“And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell with them in serenity and tranquility.  And He has put love and compassion between your hearts.  Truly in that are signs for ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Family in Islam (part 3 of 3): Parenting

imageParentingOne of the reasons that the Islamic family works is because of its clearly defined structure, where each member of the household knows his or her role.  The Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, said:“Each of you is a shepherd, ... [full story]

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