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Evidence of His Prophethood

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By on June 04,2007

Prophecies of the Quran Addressed to Muhammad

imageEntering Mecca’s Grand Mosque (al-Masjid al-Haram)In the sixth year after the Prophet was forced to migrate from Mecca to Medina, he saw himself visiting Mecca and performing pilgrimage in a vision mentioned in the Quran:“Certainly has God showed to His ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Prophecies of Muhammad

imageOne of the ways in which a person proves his prophethood is honesty, whether it be in regards to incidents in the past, in their everyday life, or things to come in the future.  In addition to the Quran, there ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

What is the Criteria for a True Prophet?

imageRays from the Same LampA natural question to ask someone who believes in any prophet is: ‘What are the criteria for your belief in him?’  Reasonable criteria would be:(i)   evidence for his claim.(ii)  consistency in his teachings (about God, afterlife, ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Miracles of Muhammad (part 1 of 3)

imageEvidence 6: Miracles of MuhammadApart from the greatest miracle given to him, the Quran, Prophet Muhammad performed many physical miracles witnessed by his contemporaries numbering in hundreds, and in some cases thousands.[1]  The miracle reports have reached us by a ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Miracles of Muhammad (part 2 of 3)

imageSplitting of the MoonOne of the times when God performed miracles at the hand of the Prophet was  when the Meccans demanded to see a miracle from Muhammad to show his truthfulness.  God split the moon in two separate halves ... [full story]

By on June 04,2007

The Miracles of Muhammad (part 3 of 3)

imageThere are many other miracles which the Prophet performed related in the Sunnah, or conglomeration of the sayings ,deeds, approvals, and descriptions of the Prophet.The Tree TrunkIn Medina Muhammad used to deliver sermons leaning on a tree stump.  When the ... [full story]

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