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Worship and Practice

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By on August 17,2008

A Day and a Night in Ramadan (part 1 of 2): The Fast of the Day

imageRamadan is a very special month for the Muslims, as in it Muslims around the world perform various types of worship, the most important of them being fasting.  This fasting of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, ... [full story]

By on August 17,2008

A Day and a Night in Ramadan (part 2 of 2): Worship of the Night

imageAfter performing the dusk prayer, Muslims return to their homes either to continue with their appetizers or eat dinner.  Most people, however, choose not to eat much, as it will hinder them in performing that worship which is the delight ... [full story]

By on August 17,2008

A History of the Hajj

imageHajj literally means ‘to set out for a place’.  Islamicly, however, it refers to the annual pilgrimage that Muslims make to Makkah with the intention of performing certain religious rites in accordance with the method prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad, ... [full story]

By on August 17,2008


imageAltruism, selfless acts done for another’s benefit in spite of oneself, is a humanitarian endeavor praised by all societies.  Practically every nation on earth has stories of great kings, brave warriors and noble men and women who sacrificed their material ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Are we “born to be free”? (part 1 of 2): Freedom, an Invaluable Gift

image“Freewill is the most difficult of God’s gifts to understand or appreciate.  The person who gives up selfish freedom and agrees to be God’s servant will always be truly free.”Freedom is one of the most valuable things there is, although ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Are we “born to be free”? (part 2 of 2): What God Wants from Us

imageEach of the prophets, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, taught that what people chose to do with respect to belief in God and obedience to His will made a very great difference to the final outcome of their affairs.  ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008


imageAs humans, we have an innate sense of morality.  No matter what religion, race or colour we are, certain qualities serve as the moral standard.  We admire justice, bravery, honesty and compassion.  We abhor those who demonstrate treachery, cruelty or ... [full story]

By on August 17,2008

Grace, Faith and Works (part 1 of 4): The Components of Faith

imageIntroductionIslam is a religion which gives importance to both inner belief as well as outer works.  Being a Muslim does not entail that one merely carries out acts of ritual worship, nor that one only hold a certain belief in ... [full story]

By on August 17,2008

Grace, Faith and Works (part 2 of 4): Speech, Deeds, and the Love of God

imageThe Statement of the TongueOne must publicly declare faith to God.  Even Satan had belief in his heart, but he did not declare his pledge of loyalty to God, but rather he declared himself in rebellion and opposition.  Therefore, a ... [full story]

By on August 17,2008

Grace, Faith and Works (part 3 of 4): The Grace of God

imageGod’s GraceSome people may think that Islam teaches that Paradise can be earned by one’s own deeds.  This is not true; the Islamic belief is that neither faith nor works are what enter us into Heaven.  Rather, it is only ... [full story]

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