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By on August 18,2008


imageGod created human beings to worship Him and a practising Muslim in, essence, should be able to worship God in every second, of every hour of every day.  Islam is a way of life and it means nothing more, or ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008


image“When honesty is lost, then await the Hour (the Day of Judgement).” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)  These are the words of Prophet Muhammad.  They paint a picture of the time leading up to the Day of Judgement, when righteous people will be ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008


imageAs humans, we have an innate sense of morality.  No matter what religion, race or colour we are, certain qualities serve as the moral standard.  We admire justice, bravery, honesty and compassion.  We abhor those who demonstrate treachery, cruelty or ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Kindness to Parents (part 3 of 3): Even After Death

imageIslam is a religion of justice and compassion.  It teaches morality and forbids bad conduct.  Special status has been afforded to the elderly; they are treated with respect and dignity.  Muslims are urged to honour them and this is especially ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Kindness to Parents (part 2 of 3): The Value of Motherhood: Paradise is at Her Feet

imageIn several verses of the Quran, God makes clear that duty, kindness and gratitude towards parents is an essential part of Islam.  However, women in Islam, particularly mothers, have been singled out for the upmost respect and devotion.  God Himself ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Kindness to Parents (part 1 of 3): Duty and Devotion

imageIf you type the words, “kindness to parents” in Google ,six of the first ten results are Islamic articles stressing the importance of being dutiful and kind to parents.  Why is this so?  Islam is a religion that stresses the ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Are we “born to be free”? (part 2 of 2): What God Wants from Us

imageEach of the prophets, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, taught that what people chose to do with respect to belief in God and obedience to His will made a very great difference to the final outcome of their affairs.  ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Are we “born to be free”? (part 1 of 2): Freedom, an Invaluable Gift

image“Freewill is the most difficult of God’s gifts to understand or appreciate.  The person who gives up selfish freedom and agrees to be God’s servant will always be truly free.”Freedom is one of the most valuable things there is, although ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Moral System of Islam (part 2 of 2): Moral Exhortations

imageGod-ConsciousnessThe Quran mentions this as the highest quality of a Muslim:“The most honorable among you in the sight of God is the one who is most God-conscious.” (Quran 49:13)Humility, modesty, control of passions and desires, truthfulness, integrity, patience, steadfastness, and ... [full story]

By on August 18,2008

Moral System of Islam (part 1 of 2): The Standard of Morality

imageIslam has laid down some universal fundamental rights for humanity as a whole, which are to be observed and respected under all circumstances.  To achieve these rights, Islam provides not only legal safeguards, but also a very effective moral system.  ... [full story]

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