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Stories of the Prophets

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By on June 03,2007

The Story of Abraham (part 2 of 7): A Call to His People

imageAbraham and His FatherLike those around him, Abraham’s father Azar (Terah or Terakh in the Bible), was an idol worshipper.  Biblical tradition[1]  tells of him actually being a sculptor of them,[2]  hence Abraham’s first call was directed to him.  He ... [full story]

By on June 03,2007

The Story of Abraham (part 1 of 7): Introduction

imageOne of the prophets given the most attention in the Quran is the prophet Abraham.  The Quran tells of him and his unwavering belief in God, first calling him to reject his people and their idolatry, and later to prove ... [full story]

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